What Will Market Research Give You?

Determine The Market Capacity
Assess The Viability Of Ideas
Identify Effective Channels
Which regions and cities should I bet on? Is it generally beneficial to go to Russia? The research will give the right answer.

Rigid competition, cultural differences, and insufficient demand for your product are just a few factors which can disrupt your plans. Research will relieve you of similar surprises and, inadvance, will allow you to estimate how much really to embody plansin life. The study will tell you which sales channels are in Russia and which are effective for you. Which kind of communication will be effective, and what is doomed to failure.

Keep Ahead Of Competitors
Understand The "Mysterious Russian Soul"
You will find out who your competitors in Russia are (in both local and foreign companies), which products and services they offer, which strategies are developed, and which competitive advantages are strong. You will be able to collect the best practices and use them to your advantage. You will learn the specifics of buying behavior in Russia: which stereotypes and prejudices Russians have. You will understand how to attract the attention of customers and convince them to choose your product.