Russia is the largest country in the world by area has a massive potential entirely undiscovered.

Population of Russia is over 146,880,432 people, country covers more than one-eighth of the Earth's inhabited land area and it’s the ninth most populous area in the world.

Since January 2017 Russian Federal State Statistics Service conducts a sample survey of the workforce among the population aged 15 years and over (until 2017 - at the age of 15-72 years).
Following the survey in May 2018. the number of workforce was 76.1 million people, or 52% of the total number of the country's population, including 72.5 million people employed in the economy and 3.6 million people without employment, but actively looking for it (in accordance with the methodology of the International Labor Organization, they are classified as unemployed).

Mentioned 3.6 million people actively looking for a job are potential free entrepreneurs, who are ready to open new business opportunities

One more advantage inside business in Russia is concentration of economic potential not only in the capital, but also in regions.
So, on the territory of Russia there are 15 so-called million-cities, in each of which the population exceeds one million people.
Millionaire cities in Russia are the most important places for concentration and attraction of human, labor, industrial, cultural, economic resources and centers for social and economic development as for region and also for several surrounding regions, and some of them (Moscow and nearby to the borders) - also for the CIS countries and Asia.
That is, these are additional strategic areas that can be used as a platform for realizing business opportunities.

Is it worth investing in Russia?
This question won't bother any longer should you have a look at the latest statistics. It's obvious that many international investors have already made up their mind on the issue.
As of the last year’s end (2017), Russia received a record inflow of foreign direct investment from developed countries in the amount of $23 billion, which is the best result for the recent four years. In addition, an influx of private investors is also seen as the record for the last 10 years.

According to one of the world's most reputable audit and consulting companies Ernst & Young, the largest number of foreign direct investment projects is implemented in the field of production.
According to 2016 data, the food industry had the top position, followed by the production of machinery and equipment, chemical products, electrical equipment.
There is growing interest in investing in Russian software production.
Trade industry and the Russian agro-industrial complex are also appealing to foreign investors.